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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sexual Education

Should sex ed. be taught in schools?

Jessalyn is in favor of sex education in schools. She understands why some people may oppose the idea, however, she realizes that most parents are not equipped enough to be able to scientifically explain everything there is to know about sex. Jessalyn acknowledges the fact that some parents may not know what to do or say when their children begin their stressful teenage years. This may not apply to all parents, however. Some parents know exactly what to say to their children about sex, but the kids are so preoccupied with their own lives that they would rather not talk to mom and dad about the touchy subject.

Alycia, however, is in opposition of sex education in schools. She believes that parents should teach their children about sex, because they have control of the learning environment. She argues that topics relating to sex, like human anatomy, diseases, and human relationships, should be taught in separate, specific, classes. Her belief is that exposing children to sex education will lead to misinformation and/or higher risk of sexual activity of their own.

I believe that Jessalyn’s article is more convincing, because she acknowledges the opposing viewpoints and relates to more people with her argument. Alycia’s article seems very judgmental and criticizing of others; it just felt like she was trying so hard to lay her personal beliefs on everyone. After reading these articles, my opinion of this topic has not changed (probably because the article supporting my opinion seemed more convincing than the other). I believe that sexual education in schools is very important. I understand that parents have a great role in teaching their children about sex; however, there are always opportunities for the kids to learn something else in another environment.

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