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Monday, March 22, 2010

Response to Austin Spohn's Blog

This is my response to, “Planning a Good, Healthy Meal to Savor”, by Austin Spohn. I believe Austin did a phenomenal job with the accurate and detailed steps of preparing his meal. Although, it was a little bit lengthy, I believe the type of meal he planned deserves a well thought out description (which is exactly what he did). I’m not exactly sure if he actually made this meal, however, because he states that this is the meal “I have chosen to plan” and not “I have prepared”. Moreover, the meal he planned is pasta, chicken breast, with a side of freshly boiled green beans. If I were to make this meal, I would most likely not make the green beans, simply because I am not a great fan of them. I have only tried green beans from a can, however, I am always willing to try the fresh ones. Anyhow, during my reading of his blog, I became very hungry. I love food. But I guess the better question is, “Who doesn’t love food!?” I hope my future husband can cook. =]
I enjoyed how Austin explains each step in detail, because that would help me out if I ever were to make this meal myself. He also places each step in chronological order, which allows a person to do the same while using his recipe. I agree with his statement about the importance of “getting the timing right on all aspects or you may be waiting on one thing to finish and the food can get cold.” This statement is very true. I have sadly made that mistake plenty of times. Good thing someone invented the microwave! I also like how he mentions several times within his blog that one shall be careful when cooking with raw meat. He reminds us to sanitize all areas with which the raw chicken came in contact with and to wash our hands. Many people forget that raw meat may carry bacteria and parasites that can make us sick if we intake that into our bodies. Finally, I agree with his opinion about the clean-up being the worst part! In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Austin’s blog about preparing a healthy meal.

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